Our First Wish

September 2007 - We grant a wish for an American soldier.

In late summer of 2007, programming for the Wish Upon A Hero platform was being completed for its September 21st launch. Beta testing began two weeks prior to the launch and an email was sent out to 500 people to share this "wishing website" with their friends to help populate the content. Rich, a 26-year-old staff sergeant in the army, did exactly that. He posted up his wish, "I wish to have Lasik eye surgery."

While stationed in Iraq, the contacts in Rich's eyes would become irritated by the blowing sand and dry air. When he tried to wear his glasses, they would steam up from the combination of his sweat and desert heat. Rich wore glasses since he was 8 years old and always had a wish to have perfect vision without the use of contacts and glasses.

Rich's wish was the 19th wish ever posted, but it was the first wish ever granted. The Lasik procedure was performed by Nevyas Eye Associates. But more incredible was how Nevyas Eye Associates heard about Rich's wish for perfect vision. Wish Upon A Hero member, WishBlossom, who read Rich's wish, decided to contact local Lasik eye surgeons until she could find one who was willing to grant the wish. Not only did she find Rich's hero, but her actions can be credited to the creation of the Wish Ambassador Program. Learn more about the Wish Ambassador Program, CLICK HERE.