The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation supports all Americans for all causes. To make sure that every cause is heard, a spokesperson position is being created for every cause. Wish Upon A Hero selects people who have been directly affected with a specific cause and can relate to others with that cause. Our spokespeople help raise money and awareness to help grant the needs of people related to their cause.

National Celebrity Wish Ambassador

In 1996, LeAnn Rimes burst out of nowhere with her debut single "Blue," which immediately captured the attention of country fans across America.

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National Chairperson of Spokespeople

Kyle Maynard is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur and athlete.

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National Youth Ambassador

Gracie Gutos  is a wholesome teen personality who went all out at the age of 13 when she created her bucket list!   After all, she was determined that her best success would come from her greatest disappointment. Gracie was diagnosed in 2010 with RND (Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy)....

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Wish Ambassador Spokesperson

Monica Fioretti has been a member on Wish Upon A Hero since September of 2007. Early on she became a driving force in our Wish Ambassador Program. To date Monica has granted over 1,000 wishes and helps the Foundation with much of their social media needs.

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National Spokes-family for Kidney & Organ Donation

At age 5, Brianna was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that creates tumors throughout the body.  A softball-sized tumor was removed from Brianna’s side at that time, but the family recently learned that Brianna suffered damage to her bladder and colon as a result of the...

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