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Welcome to Charity 2.0

Technology allows for a new generation of giving and getting help. Now donors know exactly who is being helped. Even more amazing, is those who have been help have the opportunity to thank their heroes publicly. Giving has become personal again. Creating this type of social helping network has only been a possibility in the last decade. We now have the ability to take the global community and focus it on individual needs. The Philanthropic Revolution has begun!

Helping has never been easier..

1. Find a wish on Hero Network.

2. Search by location, cause, or keywords.

3. Click "Grant A Wish" to make a difference.

There are 3 main emotional touch points that drive people to help. First, location plays a role in determining a persons emotional interest. The closer the location the high the level of interest. If your next door neighbor loses everything in a house fire, that creates a stronger emotional impact than a house fire the next town over. Second, a specific cause is a major factor that bonds people together. A family with an Autistic child would naturally have more interest in helping another family with an Autistic child. Third, the lifestyle status of an individual such as a single mom, or a military family create emotional touch points. The magic happens when a series of these emotional touch points align. For example: when a single mom of an autistic child loses all their birthday gifts in a house fire in your neighborhood, it generates a very strong reaction to give help.

Charity 2.0 provides people the opportunity to interact and be exposed to wishes and organizations that they may not have known about. For example, let's say you are a guitarist in a band and the only cause you support is cancer. Your friend likes to help the homeless but you have no interest in helping the homeless. Now what happens if your friend post a wish on his Facebook wall asking an extra guitar to grant a homeless person's wish? Prior to becoming homeless, they went to school to study music. A guitar would allow them to earn money playing on the street. If you had an extra guitar, would you donate it even though this wish has nothing to do with cancer? You probably would because of the emotional touch point created by the shared music interest. That's the power of Charity 2.0!