Hero Club

Student run groups that raise money and awareness to grant wishes in the community.

What do Hero Clubs do?
Hero Clubs help people in their community and organize fundraising events to grant those wishes.

Who do Hero Clubs help?
Hero Clubs can help children with illnesses, disaster victims, military families, the elderly, and others with a wish. The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation and its Hero Clubs provide assistance with: food, housing, healthcare, pet, educational, and other basic needs.

How do Hero Clubs operate?
The Hero Clubs meet once a week to organize a fall and spring fundraiser. They democratically decide on which wishes to grant with the money they raise. 100% of the money that the Hero Club raises, stays with the club.

  • Organize a fall fundraiser (FUNDRAISING IDEA LIST)
  • Grant a fall wish
  • Participate in the spring fundraiser, Hero Week, a coin collection competition
  • Grant a spring wish
  • Reach out to local businesses for corporate sponsorship to fund the Hero Club for future years

Hero Clubs use technology and social media to help students make an impact in the community.

Benefits of the Hero Club...

Hero Clubs are charity-based which allows students to complete community service hours while developing an amazing college resume. If you have the drive and ambition to be your school’s Hero Club president, you will have a chance to earn a Hero Scholarship and a letter of recommendation from Wish Upon A Hero's founder, Dave Girgenti.

Who can start a Hero Club?

The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation is looking for students, parents, and teachers to start a Hero Club at every high school and college across America. All it takes is ONE person to make a difference. Be a hero, sign up today!

How to get started...

Click the "Start A Hero Club" button below and a representative will contact you. After 10 students from your school signup, we will list your Hero Club on our website. Your club will receive 10 Hero Bracelets to wear, 500 Hero Cards to hand out, and a Hero Cape to be worn for photo opportunities such as wish grants and fundraising events. Contact ryan@wishuponahero.com for more information.

Members will elect the Hero Club president who will schedule meetings. School-based clubs can meet at their schools. Clubs can also meet at a member’s house or online using video chat.
It's that easy to start and make a difference.


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