Strangers Help Disabled Man See His Hero in Concert

Patrick Connelly will never forget the experience he had at his favorite country singer, Blake Shelton’s, concert. Connelly, who is wheelchair bound, attended a Blake Shelton concert and began crying because he couldn’t see him performing onstage. His mother and sister tried to hold Patrick up so he could catch a better view but were unable to keep holding him up due to the 100-degree heat. Suddenly, two strangers offered to hold Patrick up so he could see Blake performing. The men were able to hold him up for nearly a half hour even though they were visibly tired and sweaty from the heat. The men also took Patrick to the front of the stage where he was able to shake Blake’s hand. After the concert, Patrick was able to go backstage and have a meet and greet with Blake. “Today in this world you don’t see that much heartfelt kindness from strangers,” said Cheryl Connelly, Patrick’s mother. FULL STORY.