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When an 11-year-old South Carolina boy began having an asthma attack and eventually stopped breathing, his mother became frantic. Teigue “Tiger” Winge was having an asthma attack when his mother, Marjie Britz, pulled over on a rural road on New Year’s Eve. Amir Yazdan, a part-time ER physician from Irvine, California, happened to be taking pictures of his new car on the same road where Tiger’s mother had pulled over. He heard the mom screaming for help and rushed over and began performing CPR on Tiger and breathing the inhaler drug albuterol into the child’s airway.

One New York woman is being hailed as a hero after saving two men stuck on the subway track from an oncoming train. Doreen Winkler helped pull two men out of the way of an oncoming train at the Bowling Green subway station Thursday night. Victor Samuel, one of the men she saved, had originally jumped onto the tracks to save the life of another man who was lying immobile. Samuel jumped onto the tracks to see a homeless, drunk man lying in the middle of the tracks.

When an increasing number of his patients couldn’t afford to pay for their life-changing surgeries, Dr. Andrew Moore decided to do something about it by making the procedures free of charge. The Lexington, Kentucky-based plastic surgeon initially started waiving his fees for some patients, but soon found that just wasn’t enough. In 2005, he launched Surgery on Sunday, a nonprofit group of more than 400 volunteer surgeons, nurses, and medical professionals who perform free gall bladder removals, orthopedic repairs and other outpatient procedures in a donated surgical facility in Lexington.

A family of secret Santas from North Carolina is spreading the Christmas spirit by handing out $100 bills to random strangers in Charlotte. The family, dressed in red capes, hand out $10,000 worth of $100 bills to strangers with assistance from the local police. The family of secret Santas would visit certain locations such as elementary schools, a local battered women’s shelter, the airport as well as stopped random people on the street to find people who were most in need of the cash. The family has been doing this good deed since 2008.

Chase Branscum celebrated his eighth birthday in a major way. The birthday boy received more than 500 gifts, but he won’t be taking any of them home with him. Instead, Chase decided to help other local boys and girls through a Toys for Tots toy drive. The toys will go to the Owasso chapter of Toys for Tots.


A store employee at the Clackamas Town Center mall used his knowledge of the shopping complex to help other customers get to safety out of the building. Allan Fonseca, who works for the Lancome counter in Macy’s, was waiting with a customer, Jocelyn Lay, when they heard gunshots being fired. Fonseca helped Jocelyn hid behind the Lancome counter when they heard the shots being fired. Fonseca took Jocelyn by the hand and took her down the escalator and out to safety. Once Fonseca was sure that she was safe, he went back inside to go help others.

Many would hesitate to dive into a New York subway track. However, when Victor Samuel, 48, saw a man fell into the subway tracks, he quickly dove into the tracks to save the man. Samuel noticed the lights from the subway train approaching closer and knew he had to do something to save the Jack Simmons, 64. However, Samuel did not want to take the credit for the rescue. He described it as a “collective effort”. He explained that he did not manage to climb the tall subway tracks on his own and received help from crowds.

Tim Smits, 32, got stabbed on his leg and stomach after standing up for other bus passengers against some rowdy gang members started picking on the elderly and a pregnant woman. He explained that he did not come from a well-off family and was raised under good moral values. Smits added that there have been an increasing number of gangs intimidating passengers on buses. He believed that the longer people let these gang members get away with it, the more they think they can get away with it.

When John M. O’Brien, 89, got his trailer on fire, his neighbors of 16 years immediately acted to help. Bill and Jesse Penrose was drinking coffee at their house when they saw O’Brien’s house on fire. The father and son quickly ran towards the house 50 yards away and found O’Brien lying on the living room. After the two pulled O’Brien to safety, they immediately came back to retrieve the man’s pickup truck from adjacent carport.

Kindness is no stranger in the small west Texas towns littered throughout the South Plains after 30 neighbors lent a helping hand to a fellow farmer who was unable to harvest his crops. Craig Wilke is a farmer in Wilson, Texas, who earlier this month had stepped on a mesquite thorn which over time became infected and, eventually, he needed to have surgery. Doctors ordered Craig to stay off his foot for a month which left Craig unable to harvest his 300 acres of cotton. Wilke, who also serves as the chief at the Volunteer Fire Department was always lending a helping hand to those in need.