Funds for Homeschool materials / Computer

Date Granted:
February 12, 2011
Stuarts Draft, Virginia

A family who is trying to adjust to a "normal" life, after spending 11 years in a "high demand communal religious community" was in need of some help. This father is raising 5 children with his wife living in a house that was put up from their relatives. The children, ages 15 months, 9,12,13, and 15 years old. Even after getting into a house there are still a lot of things that this family is in need to make this house their home.

The family is in need of some items and school supplies for home schooling their children. Another addition to these school supplies was a laptop or home computer. This Virginia father decided to try Wish Upon A Hero and posted a wish to help his family. This wish was granted by donations from two wish granters that are members of the website. A donation of $20 and $25 were sent to the family to help jumpstart their transition to homeschooling and in hope for that money to start funding their children.