I wish we could afford surgery for Spencer

Date Granted:
June 2, 2011
Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Meet Spencer. Spencer is a 3-4 year old male weim that was surrendered to a shelter. He is a small dog at heart and loves to climb into the lap of anyone who gives him attention. When with his original owners he was hit by a car and never treated. There was quite severe damage to one of his front legs. The lack of treatment has caused the elbow joint in his one leg to fuse. He is still very mobile despite this injury and jumps on the couch, bed, etc... Even with his disability he loves to run and play!

Initial evaluations we were told he may be able to get along keeping the leg but their were just concerns about arthritis. Over the past week the pain in his leg has obviously increased and his activity level has decreased. The vet feels the best course of treatment is to amputate the leg. The costs of this surgery will be @$1000 plus cost of follow up visits and care.

He should be up and walking within a day of the surgery and is expected to get around great once healed.