My wish is for my daughter to receive A wheelchair from Convaid

Date Granted:
May 21, 2012
Southampton , Pennsylvania

Renee's mom learned about Wish Upon A Hero when Convaid Wheelchair was having a contest to receive one of their wheelchairs.  She posted a wish for her daughter Renee who has Rett Syndrome which is a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes it very difficult for her to stand, walk and communicate through speech. Many wishes were posted by families who needed a Convaid Wheelchair. Unfortunalty Renee's wish wasn't picked so it remained on the site looking for a hero to desperately help out.

The wheelchair that Renee was using was too large to fit into their family van making it impossible to go anywhere. Insurance wouldn't cover the new Convaid wheelchair. Renee's mom isn't physically able to lift her and transfer her into the van so they have to depend on her stepfather to take time from work to assist and take her to doctor appointments. Her stepfather has helped out as much as he can, but he's afraid the missed time is starting to jeopardize his job. The family relies on his income sustain their current living conditions.

Country music artist Leann Rimes was performing locally in the Philadelphia area.  She is a huge supporter of the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation and wanted to grant a wish. After searching on the site for wishes in the Philadelphia area the foundation came across Renee's wish. Knowing Convaid just finished their wheelchair contest and Leann Rimes was involved in this wish grant the Foundation reached out to see if they were interested in donating another wheelchair. Convaid was happy to help and found out exactly what Renee needed.  The result was a custom Convaid wheelchair valued at $2,500.

Renee and her family were so excited when they received her new wheelchair. Special thanks to Convaid and Leann Rimes for helping Wish Upon A Hero grant Renee's wish.