Taylor Swift Video Message & Social Media Story spread

Date Granted:
June 7, 2012
Waxhaw, North Carolina

Isabella's favorite singer and performer is Taylor Swift. At this time- Isabella is loosing her vision, her ability to walk, she is weak and is not eating. Her wish is very simple, a video message so that she can hear Taylor saying her name, singing to her softly or just a hello would be perfect. If it becomes too late and Isabella is not coherent enough to hear Taylor, we would love to have this to help spread Isabella's amazing story via social media ....and our fight for a Neuroblastoma cure everyday. Our foundation funds Neuroblastoma research and various charities that have been vital in Isabella's life. Her legacy will live on and we will keep fighting for a cure.

The Wish Upon A Hero Foundation reached out to Taylor Swift's manager and within 48-hours after her wish was posted Isabella received a very special phone call. Isabella's family sent a message stating "Just wanted to let you know that Taylor Swift called Isabella a little bit ago- the family was so happy and she was beside herself!! Thank you so much for helping Isabella get her wish granted."

On Thursday, June 28th, Isabella lost her battle with Neuroblastoma after almost five years of battling. She took her last breath with her Mommy and Daddy beside her. After the loss of Isabella, the dream is that her fight will change the outcome for other children. Isabella always dreamed of a world with “No More Cancer”. The Foundation continues in her name, hoping that another child will be saved through funds raised in Isabella’s memory.

For more information about her foundation and how they are helping other children with Neuroblastoma visit: www.isabellasantosfoundation.com